The expEDIum Mental Health Billing Solution is a cloud based, advance and comprehensive solution that makes mental health billing more predictive and increases the billing efficiencies. This product is HIPAA compliant and supports both HCFA-1500 and UB-04 claims. The solution is ICD-10 ready and meets every standard based changes in the industry without any additional cost to the client.


This intelligent solution makes users more effective in managing practices, easy to handle the whole billing process, reduces cost, reduces denials and rejections and increases collection due to life cycle visibility. Direct payer connectivity features allows to connect with one or more clearinghouses or payers to send claims electronically and hence fasten the payment cycle. Denials rate into software is less than 1.2% and 97% of payments are auto posted.


Hundreds of Mental Health/CABHA providers are using the Software and processing thousands of claims in a month. There is an integration module available for this product to integrate with any EHR/EMR/Clinical Applications for a seamless data transmission between the solutions. The solution is available in an affordable monthly based subscription.

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