expEDIum Medical Billing

expEDIum Medical Billing product has over 500 screens spread over a dozen modules. We have shown about 30 screens for you to get a glimpse of our system. Please request for a live remote demo if you would like to see our solution more exhaustively.

Product version-5.8

EMS/Ambulance Billing Software

expEDIum Medical Billing solution is used to process EMS / Ambulance claims. We have shown about a dozen ambulance specific screens.

Product version- 4.1.0

Public Health Clinics Software

expEDIum Medical Billing solution integrated with Patagonia's EMR product, the combined EMR + PMS product is used in Public Health Clinics. We have shown about a dozen screens specific to Public Health Clinics.

Product version- 2.7.5

expEDIum Eligibility Portal

About a dozen screens are shown from our expEDIum Eligibility Portal product.

Product version- 2.7.5

EMR Integration

Screens showing how an EMR can be integrated with expEDIum Medical Billing Solution using the existing secure web services interface. There are three “touch points” available from eMB that can be used to integrate an EMR with eMB seamlessly. You can request for the EMR Integration document that explains these touch points in detail along with the schema of XML carrying the data payload from the EMR to eMB.

Product version- v2.2.4.2