• Annual Amount Cap Feature Added To expEDIum Medical Billing

    iTech has added a new feature recently called “Annual Amount Cap” mainly for Public Health clinics in expEDIum medical billing. In Annual Amount Cap feature, the amount can be collected from the patients for certain SFSs (sliding fee schedule) program and it will be deducted from the precalculated annual cap balance based on their annual income.

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  • ITech Adds PPA (Patient Payment Agreement) On ExpEDIum

    Medical treatments are expensive, many patients cannot afford to pay their medical bills at one shot, which makes it harder for providers to continue to give their medical services to patients. iTech has added a feature called “Patient Payment Agreements” (PPA) in its Medical Billing Software. It is a simple agreement where the patient agrees to pay a certain amount over a period until completely paid. This feature is available for clinics where we have an agreement template inbuilt for each clinic.

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  • Make your billing work easier with our ESB – Electronic Super Bill

    Many medical billers receive the superbill scan & patient demographic data as separate silos, and then they 'assemble" all data into a claim. As it is a time-consuming process for a biller, iTech has introduced ESB in its expEDIum-billing module.

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  • iTech adds “expEDIum Reports” to its expEDIum Suite of products making it more comprehensive.

    iTech has been serving the US market with expEDIum Medical Billing(eMB) for about a decade now, recently iTech has introduce expEDIum Report(eR) for the iTech clients, to access various reports from a separate application.

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  • iTech Announces Partnership With MD-Reports

    iTech, a Cloud-based Healthcare Practice Management and Medical Billing Software vendor announces partnership with MD-Reports resulting in an integrated EHR, Practice Management, Billing, Scheduling software with MD On-line as the Clearinghouse.

  • iTech announces support for Public Health Clinics

    iTech, a SaaS based Healthcare billing and Practice Management Software vendor announces expEDIum Medical Billing Solution (eMB) v2.1 that supports public health clinics including Sliding Fee Schedule programs and Atypical IDs.

  • iTech partners with MAXimize Inc

    iTech, a SaaS based Healthcare billing and PMS vendor announces a partnership with MAXimize Inc to offer a Practice Management System and Medical Billing product to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billing agencies.

  • iTech Partners with Patagonia Health

    iTech, a SaaS based Healthcare billing and PMS vendor announces a partnership with Patagonia Health to offer an integrated Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management System, and Medical Billing product to small physician practices.

  • iTech partners with NexTrust

    iTech, a SaaS based Healthcare billing and Practice Management System vendor announces a partnership with NexTrust, Inc., the provider of BillFlash Document Services.

  • iTech Partners with Exchange EDI

    iTech, a SaaS based Healthcare billing and PMS vendor announces partnership with Exchange EDI wherein iTech shall resell Exchange EDI‘s products such as Direct Quote, e-Cashiering and use their Clearinghouse, Insurance Eligibility services to provide seamless Eligibility verifications and an Eligibility Portal.

  • iTech Releases SaaS Based expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0

    iTech, a leading SaaS based Healthcare billing solution provider announces the availability of its expEDIum Medical Billing Solution v1.0 in a subscription (SaaS) model. The solution provides complete automated life cycle management of medical claims including automatic reconciliation of 835 (ERA) and denial management among other features. This solution provides better billing productivity for Practices, Hospitals, IPA, MSO, Healthcare BPO/KPO and Billing service bureaus.