Our products and Solutions have been supporting X12N v5010 since April 2012 and millions of X12N transactions have been processed through our systems. Our products shall support X12N v6020 and HPID (Health Plan ID) well before compliancy date.

The expEDIum X12N Engine is a Java-based, robust translation engine that supports all the eleven HIPAA mandated transaction sets. This engine supports 837 Professional, 837 Institutional, 837 Dental, 835, 270 / 271, 276 / 277, 278 / 278R, 820, 834 and 997 transaction sets. The expEDIum X12N Engine supports HIPAA transaction set versions v4010A1 and v5010. A comprehensive API layer on top of the engine consists of over 2400 API calls covering all HIPAA transaction sets. The API is used to develop custom adapters / application that process any standard or proprietary Healthcare format files.


The expEDIum X12N Engine is a multi-threaded application using Java technologies, which ensure portability across various platforms. It has been built with high standards that ensure a high degree of flexibility, scalability and adaptability to cater to any future need. Support for ICD-10 is already available.


expEDIum X12N Engine is NOT available as a standalone platform and is shown here only for informational purpose.

The main features of our expEDIum X12N Engine are:

  • High performing easy-to-use API that enables rapid building of EDI enabled applications for healthcare verticals.
  • Mechanism to generate and maintain Trading Partner profiles.
  • Ability to handle EDI syntax; the semantics are handled by the custom applications.
  • PGP and ZIP with password protection.
  • Secure transfer support (FTP, SFTP and HTTPS).
  • Dynamic generation of Functional Acknowledgement (997).
  • Audit trail to generate custom reports and statistics.
  • Positioning as a service enabler and as an accelerator.
  • Available in desktop, stream and validation engine supporting L1 and L2 versions.
  • We have an expEDIum X12N Thin Engine which supports only 837P/I/D transaction sets.
  • Used in all iTech's products and solutions as HIPAA enabler.
  • Used in iTech's free utilities - expEDIum Claims Browser and expEDIum Functional Acknowledgement Reader - with over 2000 downloads.