The expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) is an advanced secure Cloud based Medical Billing & Practice Management Software which allows users to effectively managed and automated complete medical billing & revenue cycle workflow seamlessly.

We have an exhaustive range of features available in various modules of our software, for a better understanding of our product, we have various video tutorials published on YouTube.

Few of them are:

Patient Appointment Scheduler

The Patient Appointment Scheduler in our software is a vast and flexible feature, it allows you to setup appointments, edit and modify them. We have several other features as well which helps you have a hassle-free scheduling, we have three tutorials which explains the module in brief:

  • Part 1 expEDIum Medical Billing “Fix an Appointment”
    This part of the tutorial explains you how to fix an appointment, edit/modify the appointment, assign an appointment to a doctor or/and facility.

  • Part 2 expEDIum Medical Billing “Appointment Settings”
    We have various settings available on the appointment screen, such as color codes can be set up for providers, facilities, appointment types and status individually. Default settings can be configured for each clinic.

  • Part 3 expEDIum Medical Billing “Appointment Views”
    This part of the tutorial explains you how to filter appointments based on Date, Providers, Facilities, Eligibility status of the patients. Also, we have different views such as Day, Week, Month, Year, Unit & Time Line.

Patient Statement Management

  • expEDIum Medical Billing Patient Statement Management
    Our Patient Statement Management module, helps the clinic to send patient statements in single and separate files for multiple patients. This tutorial explains you in detail how to create these statements, mark them as sent and other features and filters available in this module.

Patient Demographics

  • expEDIum Medical Billing - Patient Demographics (Details)
    Our Patient Demographics module is an extension to adding the patient details, we do have features like check eligibility (Real time), check ledger balance, adding notes from the patient screen. All these features are explained in detail in this video tutorial.

  • expEDIum Medical Billing Patient Demographics – IEV
    This tutorial will explain you how to perform batch eligibility for multiple patients.


  • expEDIum Medical Billing Manual Posting
    We have easy to use posting module with multiple filters of check/EFT date, check receipt date etc. Creating a batch, adding claims are available from a single screen in our software.

Please note these tutorials are available only in private viewing on YouTube and are available on request.

To request for a video tutorial, you can write down to and to request for a free live demo of our software, please fill the form available at