iTech has introduced a new feature called the “expEDIum Direct Pay” to do seamless online payments from Patient Ledger. It creates a seamless online experience for users by making it smoother and more accessible. The “expEDIum Pay” is a PCI-DSS certified standalone payment service application to route the online payment transactions for patients registered under a clinic/hospital in expEDIum Medical Billing through the chosen payment gateway. We currently use InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company as our payment gateway and payment processor. The expEDIum Pay application will act as an intermediary between expEDIum Medical Billing and InstaMed.

Clinics can initiate an online transaction through the patient ledger in expEDIum Medical Billing. (eMB) In the patient ledger’s Add Transaction window, the users can choose the transaction types where “Online Payment” is enabled (highlighted with a green color code). This will display the “Pay Online” option selected by default. Click the “Pay” button to redirect to the online payment screens.

Clinics would see a screen to enter the credit card details of the patient. Once the data is entered and “Pay” button is pressed, the data is secruely passed on to InstaMed®In a handful of seconds, a confirmation screen appears as shown below. Once the transaction/payment is complete, the clinics can immediately print a receipt to using the print icon available on the confirmation screen. A payment transaction will be automatically added to the Patient Ledger and the patient balance reconciles automatically. However, there is an option to save credit card information as part of patient demographics and use it on a need basis to make payment transactions. Please note no sensitive credit card information is stored in eMB or expEDIum Pay but saved only with InstaMed®. InstaMed is a PCI Level One v3.0+ Service Provider and is PCI- Validated for P2PE v2.0 to offer healthcare organizations the highest level of security for stored and processed payment card data.

Some Key aspects of expEDIum Direct Pay are -

  • Access to an online payment gateway seamlessly.
  • Friendly Patient Ledger UI.
  • Processes / accepts all types of credit cards.
  • Can save one or multiple card details if need be.
  • Real-time payment taking only a handful of seconds.
  • Processes multiple payments through a single credit card transaction.
  • Generate a single receipt for multiple transactions.

The following picture shows the expEDIum Direct Pay data flow. Please note expEDIum Pay is used as an intermediary connecting to InstaMed®as the payment gateway. expEDIum Pay is PCI-DSS certified.