A hospitalist selected expEDIum Medical Billing to automate their complete practice workflow

A Hospitalist provided inpatient consulting and used outsourced billing company to process claims. Their claims were consistently rejected and didn’t have secondary claim visibility and follow up. iTech solved their issues by migrating them to expEDIum Medical Billing solution. The client is really happy with the excellent support and 100s of thousands of dollars they have been receiving in ROI.

A California based TPA selected expEDIum Claims Portal and reduced work hours by 35%

A California based TPA manages funds for number of physician practices who are under capitation contracts. They became unhappy with their system which was not meeting their ongoing requirements to run the practice. The software was slow and the maintenance was very costly. With the help of expEDIum the biller has processed over 40000 claims with total charges of about $20 million and was able to reduce the work hours by 35%.

Integrated EHR+PMS saved 100s of manual data entry hours for Behavioural Health Service Agency

A North Carolina based Behavioural Health Service Agency manages clinicians, healthcare providers and other support personnel across a four county system. They had to find an integrated EHR + PMS solution to meet their ongoing requirements. With the help of iTech and its EMR Partner the clinic process over 1500 HCFA claims a month with a very less denial rate. This integrated solution currently has 300 plus CABHA providers in 16 clinics which processes over 230K claims.

Integrated PMS + EHR Solution reduced denials rate and saved 100s of manual data entry hours

The District Health Department has 45 users including practice managers, nurses, providers and others. They were frustrated with their paper based legacy system which was not robust, and lacked many features. Currently the biller process over 1300 HCFA claims a month with reduced denial rate. The integrated solution currently has 500 plus providers in 48 counties and processes over 600K claims.

An Ambulance Billing Service Company almost cut half of working hours using expEDIum Medical Billing

A Philadelphia based Ambulance biller process over 4000 professional claims a month. They didn’t have an integrated electronic claims processing and submission solution. iTech migrated this client from their legacy system to eMB solution. Currently the biller processes over 3200 HCFA claims a month with less denial rate. The auto posting helped them to save 100s of hours of data entry savings every month.