The idea of building a revenue cycle management, claims processing and medical billing solution started out small with iTech building an “in-memory” high performing X12N EDI translator called the expEDIum X12N Engine supporting all 11 HIPAA transaction sets. This product was positioned as a “HIPAA accelerator” and we approached over 50 India based IT services companies but they wanted us to build “more”.

We built our first generation product called the expEDIum Adapter on top of our earlier expEDIum X12N Engine. We built over 10 adapters supporting translation of data in legacy healthcare formats such as NSF, HCFA Print Image, etc,. to equivalent X12N EDI data. We had cross-walk between a legacy format and equivalent EDI hard-wired in adapters with certain customizable data gaps that can be filled through custom files. We sold several of these adapters, millions of claims and ERAs have been processed using these adapters.

Our 2nd generation product was expEDIum Claim Scrubber that was a client server product which had form based data entry and printing of claims. This product came in 2 flavours, namely, CMS-1500 and UB04. We sold a handful of this product and these products have been used for processing thousands of claims across all clients aggregated.


In our 3rd generation, we created two secure web based products that are standards based, namely, expEDIum Claims Portal and expEDIum Medical Billing with subtle differences between them. eCP is positioned towards small medical clearinghouses and TPAs, whereas eMB is positioned towards clinics, hospitals and EMR products that need a PMS/Medical Billing solution built in seamlessly. We have been selling these products for over 4 years now and have over 1000 providers on these products and a handful of EMR partners who have seamlessly integrated with these products and are reselling in the United States. All our clients are in the United States as the products are developed based on the HIPAA X12N standards, standard forms such as CMS-1500, UB04 and are positioned towards the United States healthcare market.


Our 1st and 2nd generation products have been deprecated.


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