Patagonia Health is a provider of an integrated EMR and PM solution for Public Health, Behavioral Health, Federally Qualified Health Clinics and small physician practices. The 'Apps" based EMR product easily adapts to fit each user workflow. Patagonia Health solutions provides an integrated EMR + PM + billing and Clearinghouse all for one simple low monthly subscription fees.


Infinite Software Solutions, Inc. (ISS) [d/b/a MD-REPORTS], is a medical software solutions provider that designs, develops, markets and support related to image capture and medical reporting in niche markets. MD-REPORTS, ISS's flagship EHR Suite, offers complete and integrated reporting and documentation solutions for Medical Offices, Ambulatory Surgery and Medical Centres. The solution is used by 1200 physicians and over 300 facilities across USA and PR. MD-REPORTS integrates with iTech's expEDIum Medical Billing for a complete integrated EMR + PMS solution.


iTech has partnered with Exchange EDI to provide seamless Eligibility verifications. iTech‘s expEDIum Medical Billing has a built-in module to perform batch and real time eligibility verifications. Exchange EDI offers Clearinghouse services, Direct Quote and e-Cashiering products.


The Practices and Billers can save time and money by eliminating paper handling in-house. Practices must shift from relying on insurance payments to reliance on patient payments as the patient responsibility is expected to increase to 30% of the total practice revenues according to industry reports. BillFlash supports iTech's Patient Statement formats and iTech's clients can setup an account with BillFlash to upload patient statements and manage them.


We are an IBM ISV partner. We are working on porting our solutions and components to IBM platforms including Websphere.


We are an Intel Software Partner. Our products and solutions are multi-threaded and multi-core enabled and is optimized for Intel's multi-core processors.

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We are an ISV partner of Red Hat. Our products, solutions and components are tested successfully on Red Hat environment.

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