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1. What is expEDIum X12N Engine?

The expEDIum X12N / HIPAA Engine is a Java-based, robust translation engine that supports all the eleven HIPAA mandated transaction sets. This engine supports 837 Professional, 837 Institutional, and 837 Dental, 835, 270, 271, 276, 277, 277U, 277CA, 278/278(R), 820, 834, 997 and 999 transaction sets. The expEDIum X12N / HIPAA Engine supports HIPAA transaction set versions v4010A1 and v5010. A comprehensive API layer on top of the engine consists of over 2400 API calls covering all HIPAA transaction sets. The API is used to develop custom adapters that process any standard or proprietary Healthcare format files.

2. What is Unique about expEDIum X12N Engine Framework?

The expEDIum X12N / HIPAA Translator / Engine is a multi-threaded application using Java technologies, which ensure portability across various platforms. It has been built with world-class software development practices and quality assurance standards that ensure a high degree of flexibility, scalability and adaptability to cater to any future need. This is a high performing Engine as the X12N schemas are hard-wired in the program itself unlike traditional EDI Translators / Engines that read the mapping information from secondary store.

For more information refer to expEDIum expEDIum X12N Engine page.

iTech's expEDIum X12N Engine is not available for sale as an independent framework. All our products use expEDIum X12N Engine internally to HIPAA enable the products and to perform X12N translation.
3. How can your expEDIum X12N Engine guarantee the correctness of the generated output?

The X12N Engine ensures “syntax” compliancy only. The "semantics" validity of the data must be ensured by the custom applications that are built around the X12N Engine API. iTech has built several readymade products and solutions around the expEDIum X12N Engine and several million healthcare claims in various formats including NSF, HCFA Print Image, HCFA/UB04 CSV have successfully been translated and have reached hundreds of payers across the United States in the last few years.
4. What are the various expEDIum X12N Adapters?

iTech has a variety of readymade Healthcare adapters built using expEDIum X12N Framework. These adapters support formats such as NSF 2.0, NSF 3.01, UB-92 v5.0/6.0, NSF 3.01 DMERC, NSF 3.20D, NSF 2.01u ERN, Envoy NSF and HCFA 1500 Print Image formats. The adapters are not available for sale independently and are "built-in" our newer products to perform legacy transformations.
5. What is “Electronic Claims Life Cycle” ?

The claims in the form of data on paper or in old electronic form (NSF) is processed by the Clearing houses and Billing services and passed on to the Payers. The Payers send in a positive response if the data received is in correct format. eCR solutions can be used by the Clearing houses, Billing services as well as the Payers.
6. What are the O/S platforms supported?

Our products and solutions are Java/J2EE based and are platform independent. Thye need the JRE, JBoss Application servers and mySQL/PostgreSQL DBMS to run. They have been tested with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, 2008 Server and Debian (Linux) environments.
7. Do you provide “direct” payer connectivity?

Yes, iTech's expEDIum Claims Portal and expEDIum Medical Billing solutions provide secure mechanisms to connect directly with any number of payers or clearinghouses
8. Do you have solutions for billing services?

Yes, we have expEDIum Claim Scrubber (client server for smaller claim volumes) and secure web based expEDIum Medical Billing solution for larger claim volumes. The eMB solution is available in an affordable monthly subscription model.
9. Do you have a solutions for medical clearinghouses?

Yes, we have our secure web based expEDIum Claims Portal that is a "clearinghouse solution in a box". This is available in an affordable monthly subscription model.
10. Do you have solutions for TPAs, Payers?

We have a TPA product that is a derivative of our secure web based expEDIum Claims Portal product. This product is suitable for small TPAs processing/adjudicating 100s of claims each day. This is available in an affordable subscription model.
11. Do you have any tools for Healthcare BPOs and Billing Service Bureaus?

Yes, we have 4 products - expEDIum Claim Scrubber, expEDIum Medical Billing, expEDIum Claims Portal, expEDIum Eligibility Portal - that can be used by Healthcare BPOs.
13. Can you provide reference clients?

Yes, we can provide client references on demand. Please visit our testimonials page to see the comments from our satisfied clients.
14. How do I eliminate the need for a clearinghouse?

Our secure web based products help you connect directly with the payers of your choice using direct payer connectivity without having to go through a medical clearinghouse.
15. What is the performance of expEDIum Engine and the adapters?

Our expEDIum X12N Engine Architecture “hard-wires” the EDI Transaction mapping information and it delivers high performance. Our architecture is scalable.
16. How do you interface with Practice Management Systems (PMS)?

Practice Management Systems generate data in NSF or HCFA Print Image formats which is then taken as input by our expEDIum Claim Scrubber, expEDIum Claims Portal and expEDIum Medical Billing products.
17. How do you interface with existing billing or healthcare solutions?

As they generate data in NSF or HCFA formats which is then taken as input by our “readymade” expEDIum adapters for conversion to the desired X12N / HIPAA format.
18. Do you work with Healthcare Software vendors or Solutions providers or EMR vendors?

Yes, we have Healthcare software vendors and EMR vendors as our clients.
19. Do you have any interfaces to Accounting Systems to post ANSI Remits?

Yes, we have a readymade adapter “NSFRemits” that transforms ANSI Remits (835s) into NSF 2.01u ERN that is supported by most accounting/billing systems. Our expEDIum Medical Billing and expEDIum Claims Portal also creates ANSI 835s that can be used with some Accounting systems.
20. What kind of security is provided to protect PHI data?

Our products/solutions support standard secure transportation mechanisms (such as HTTPS with 256 bit encryption and Secure FTP), encryption of data using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and ZIP with password. Additional secure transport or encryptions schemes can be supported on demand.
21. What specialties do your products support?

Our products support several specialties such as General Medicine, Chiropractic, Laboratory, Ambulance, etc. As our products are generic they support several specialties. Please contact us if you would like to know whether the specialty that you want is supported by our products.
Last updated: Sep 22, 2012