iTech's products are ICD-10 ready.

The expEDIum Medical Billing is an advanced ICD-10 ready, secure Web-based Medical Billing and Practice Management Software available on a monthly Subscription.

expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) Software allows users to effectively manage and automate complete Medical Billing and Claims Processing workflow seamlessly. The solution supports both Inpatient and Outpatient claims. The solution can seamlessly integrate with other clinical applications/EHR/EMR and can do limited customization to best fit partners’ necessities.

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The expEDIum Claims Portal is a comprehensive, easy to use, secure Web-based Claims Processing and Adjudication software that allows to manage complete claims life cycle efficiently.

The expEDIum Claims Processing Software is an optimum Solution for IPAs, TPAs, ASOs and other claims processing companies. In addition to a complete claims processing solution, the solution also allows provider side access to directly submit claims electronically, perform online referrals/authorization and manages the integrated data from a single window. The solution is ICD-10 ready and available in a monthly subscription.

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The expEDIum EMS Billing is a flexible, comprehensive, easy to use ICD-10 ready secure Web based Ambulance / EMS Billing Software that is available in a monthly subscription.

expEDIum Ambulance Billing Software is designed to eliminate EMS billing errors and gets the claims paid faster. In addition to a complete billing solution, the solution has the capabilities to manage healthcare facilities database that is used by ambulance agencies, direct claims submission to contracted payers and various ambulance specific features. This solution has several inbuilt reports & dashboards, several aging reports which helps for better a analysis.

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iTech Workshop is the leading software vendor in the public health clinic space in North Carolina, offers the Health care industry a HIPAA compliant SaaS based Medical Billing Software, Practice Management Software and Claims Processing Solutions. iTech delivers best of breed, cost effective and easy to use secure Healthcare Solution to Medical practices, Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centres, EMS agencies, Billing Service Bureaus, Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs)/ Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs), and Management Service Organizations (MSOs).

iTech’s solutions are using by over thousands of providers and processing over 50,000 HIPAA transactions a day, 12.5 million a year, across all our products aggregated. These are a combination of Professional claims, Institutional claims, ERAs, Eligibilities etc. The payer ready, HIPAA compliant claims are being sent to several hundred payers and clearinghouses from across the USA.

You can request for a remote demo of any of our products or for our whitepapers.